It’s Like CliffsNotes
…for Congress

“It is the citizen’s duty to question authority.” ~Ben Franklin

But how do you question authority if you have no idea what they’re talking about? Holding your representatives accountable starts with knowing what they represent. We help you understand and keep track of bills moving between the House, the Senate, and the President. And we make it easy to understand how your representatives are voting. All this information, all in one place.

Track Congress

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Quick Summaries

We break bills down into plain language

These bills contain big ideas for changing the American government and society. And since our society is a pretty complex place, it often takes complex language and complex terminology to express these ideas. We break bills down into plain language that you can read and understand. No paragraph-length sentences. No legalese or specialized terms, unless they’re paired with a good definition. No linguistic summersaults. Just. Straightforward. Words. Think of it like CliffsNotes. Each entry in our library notes the authors and sponsors of a bill, and, if it has been passed, how the votes split.

Boost Your
Political I.Q.

Tools for Transparency gives you the tools to keep up with the latest legislative trends in congress, track your congresspeople, and develop your positions directly from the facts rather than opinion columns. And you get all this content for $5 a month — about the price of a fancy soy latte.