Public Law 115-74: Providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, of the rule submitted by Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection relating to “Arbitration Agreements”.

By | July 28, 2018
Seal of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Seal of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Nullifies a CFPB rule which would have prohibited certain arbitration agreements in consumer financial products and services.

Official Summary

This joint resolution nullifies a rule submitted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regarding arbitration agreements.

(The rule regulates the use of arbitration agreements in contracts for specific consumer financial products and services. It prohibits the use of a predispute arbitration agreement to prevent a consumer from filing or participating in certain class action suits. The rule also requires consumer financial product and service providers to furnish the CFPB with particular information regarding arbitrations.)

Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by President
Became Public Law




Original sponsor: Rep. Rothfus, Keith J. [R-PA-12]


Passed Senate:

Passed House:

Related bill:  SJRES 47 (Did not pass Senate)

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