Public Law 115-160: Secret Service Recruitment and Retention Act of 2017

By | June 1, 2019
Logo of the U.S. Secret Service
Logo of the United States Secret Service.

Extends the exemption on overtime pay limits for U.S. Secret Service officers; requires the Secret Service to submit a threat assessment on individuals (except for current and former Presidents and Vice-Presidents; requires the Secret Service to report to Congress on its recruitment and retention efforts, extension of protection beyond the usual limits, and what questions were asked during the 2016 applicant polygraph test.

Official Summary

Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by President
Became Public Law




Original sponsor: Rep. Katko, John [R-NY-24]


Passed House:

Passed Senate by unanimous consent.

House agreed to Senate amendment without objection.

Related bill:  S 3663 (Did not pass the Senate)

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