About Us

What We Do


Voting is a personal responsibility; one that we honor, respect and uphold. In order to give the power back to you, our fellow voters, we are offering clear information into the actions of your elected representatives and the legislative process.  

We are built by the people, for the people; enabling YOU, the citizen, to become an empowered #citizenstatesmen.

Mission Statement:

At Tools for Transparency, we believe in empowering individuals to be informed about their government. By encouraging educated questioning and focused understanding of the federal legislation and those who write it, we are enabling US voters to learn about their representatives and the work that they do. Our dynamic platform seeks to provide individuals with an online toolbox full of links that offer a more precise lens through which to see. We are changing the conversation around politics by giving the power back to the people. In a world where information is disseminated at a rapid rate across social media and online news sources, it’s vital that individuals realize their right to take a closer look. By enabling you, the voter, to examine the truth and hold those in charge accountable for their actions, we are hoping to bring about positive change for a brighter future.

Owner, Founder, and CEO

Brian Hanson had the vision for this tool in 2016. Observing that the focus on political divides was causing voter blindness, he started developing a way to empower the citizens to clearly track the actions of the federal legislative process, as well as putting those bills and laws into common language.

His passion for building this tool continues to reach new highs as the team forms around his dream.

Co-founder, VP of IT

Jamie Lawson joined Brian’s team very early on. A shared passion for voter education enabled them to put the hours needed into building the site.  She is passionate about non-partisan voter education and ensuring that this tool is accessible to all citizen statesmen.

VP of Administration, & VP of Marketing

The Halverson sisters, Daisha and Eadra have joined our team to fulfill leadership roles in Administration and Marketing.  The sisters have worked side by side on various projects for a few years. Both are passionate about teaching personal empowerment, so when Brian approached them about joining his team they saw an opportunity to add their skills to a tool that will truly empower and enact change for our world.