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HR5729: Transportation Worker Identification Credential Accountability Act of 2018

Official Summary text/su_expand] Transportation Worker Identification Credential Accountability Act of 2018 This bill prohibits the U.S. Coast Guard from: (1) implementing the rule titled "Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)-Reader Requirements," and (2) proposing or issuing a notice of proposed rulemaking for a rule that would require the use of biometric readers for biometric transportation security cards. These prohibitions Get the Details

Public Law 115-160: Secret Service Recruitment and Retention Act of 2017

Extends the exemption on overtime pay limits for U.S. Secret Service officers; requires the Secret Service to submit a threat assessment on individuals (except for current and former Presidents and Vice-Presidents; requires the Secret Service to report to Congress on its recruitment and retention efforts, extension of protection beyond the usual limits, and what questions were asked during the 2016 applicant polygraph test. Get the Details

HR876: Aviation Employee Screening and Security Enhancement Act of 2017

Directs the TSA to submit a cost and feasibility study of a statistically significant number of airports to ensure that all airport employee entry and exit points leading to secure airport areas include card/pin entry doors, surveillance video, and other advanced screening technologies. Official Summary Amendments Amended in committee. Sponsors Original sponsor: Rep. Katko, John [R-NY-24] Votes Passed Get the Details